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I don't normally publicize personal opinion on this website, but this is different.  For over 18 months, HAL staff have been battling with a Maui resident who does not want to eradicate LFA from his property and now refuses access to treatment staff.  This act endangers the whole island.  Although we can not ever eradicate LFA from the Big Island, I believe we can prevent Maui from having to face this scourge.  Below is an open letter from one HAL staffer to Alika Atay who also opposes the eradication of LFA from Maui.  My staff do not understand why a respected kupuna would want to be responsible for destroying the land.  At first, Kiyoshi posted this to Mr Atay's facebook page but he deleted it almost immediately (so much for free speech).  So, I am now publishing it here.  I stand by my team and take responsibility for their actions.  When I am old, I want my descendents to be proud of my actions and how I lived my life.  Backing away from this winnable battle is wrong.  If you want more information, watch this documentary